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Exams & Promotions

Exams & Promotions


There are two terminals and one final examination during the year. No candidate will be admitted to any of these examinations without paying his/ her tuition and examination fees.Pupils absent from any examinations should not expect to be re-examined, and those absent from an examination without prior permission will be considered as having failed.The progress report has to be signed by the parent or guardian and return to the school authorities, as a proof of their having seen the report.If a pupil is not able to appear for the whole or a part of an examination, for a valid and accepted reason, his promotion will be considered on the strength of the year’s record.

In all examinations 33% of marks are required to pass and 80% for distinction.

The final assessment of a student for promotion in the non-board classes shall be decided on the annual record of the pupil based on 200 marks to be distributed as follows:-


1. Unit Test [3]

                      2. First Terminal – 50 marks

                           3. Second Terminal – 50 marks

                                4. Annual Examination – 90 marks

               5. Sessional – 10 marks