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Reputation and Philosophy



Douglas is today acknowledged as one of the leading schools in Bhopal and enjoys a reputation built on the acheivements of the past. Its students have over the years distinguished themselves in all fields of endeavour.
Academically, Douglas Students have regularly featured among the top pupils. They have gone on to excel at University and have achieved the hihghest academic honours.
The are active in the professions, are leaders in commerce and industry, and as academics are found in universities throughout the world.


Douglas is concerned with the education of all its pupils. It stresses the striving after excellence and takes pride in the achievements of the talented and exceptional individuals. This education taken in the broader sense includes an increased responsibility for the pupil's social, moral, spiritual and emotional development, in addition to our traditional interest in academic proficiency. It recognises the individuality and worth of every student and aims to :

- Provide opportunities for each student to grow as an individual and realize his unique potential through the achievement of realistic self-set goals.

- Enrich the lives of its pupils through encouraging their participation in the School's varied cultural and sporting programme.

- Educate for life in a changing society through the development of a social conscience and the recognition of the importance and dignity of every human-being, regardless of status, colour, race or religion.

- Cultivate in our youth a love and understanding of our country and a desire to participate intelligently in the solving of its problems; and

- Socialize within a school climate which is characterized by mutual respect and the happy, friendly interaction of its members.

- Support and promote the School's strong scientific bias in terms of subject offering.